The people of the Aquilan Union are one of the most successful and distinct peoples in the universe, they are also likely extinct after the Necromonger invasion of their worlds.

Culture & HistoryEdit

Although peaceful and philosophical by nature, the Aquilans are a renowned force in this sector of the galaxy. Their massive exploration campaigns have charted a recorded 63 % of current known space and through the use of The Aquilian Outpost Network. That number continues to grow.

These Achievements are overshadowed only by the Aquilian security corp. Throughout their interplanetary history the A.S.C has managed to repel all alien hostile forces, yet continue to successfully spread their philosophy of benevolence and increase their sphere of galactic influence.




Aquilans seem to have fairly advanced technology, though possibly not as advanced as Necromonger technology. They seem to be the producers of many varieties of interstellar space craft.



  • There is a gang in Butcher Bay seemingly composed entirely of Aquilans, simply called the Aquilas.

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