The Furyans are a warrior race from the planet Furya. They are largely extinct save for a few known survivors scattered amongst the stars.



Furyan DNA.

Furyan biology is largely unknown, they are externally similar to baselines humans (and thus likely a descendant race of humanity). On average they are physically more powerful and robust than normal humans. During the Necromonger invasion of their world each Furyan warrior was able to kill roughly 130 Necro soldiers before falling in battle.

The Furyans seem to be able to develop a natural eyeshine, although it seems to be able to be suppressed or need to be activated since Riddick seemed not have it up until a certain point in his life. There is a sub-set of Furyans called Alpha Furyans which are more

Alpha FuryansEdit

Wrath of the FuryansEdit



The grave of a Furyan child.

Known FuryansEdit


  • There is contradictory depictions of the Eyeshine and its origins in the Riddick universe, Riddick is shown receiving it through surgery and as a gift from Shirah, at any rate Furyans seem to be able to develop the trait naturally based on Vaakos comments.

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