Ghost Drones are terrifying abominations created by the mercenaries of the Dark Athena. A combination of flesh and technology, created from abducted colonists.


The control scheme is simpler if the body plan is similar to a human but aside from that any strong muscled warm blooded creature in good condition will do. Drones from other species tend to be harder to control and ultimately inefficient in their uses, usually due to a strong resistance to being controlled.

The lights on a drones face appear red when it is operating autonomously, and white when it is being controlled remotely.



To successfully make a Ghost Drone, a viable specimen of the body of the drone must be acquired. When the conversion into a ghost drone begins the subject must be alive. Once the process begins it is necessary to anesthetize the subject to allay any defensive mechanisms the body might exhibit.

First, the heart must be replaced with the more efficient blood flow stabilizer pump; this insures a longer life for the drone. after testing the pump control lines, the respiration tubes must be attached, with extra care in making sure there are no visible bubbles in the tubing.

The top part of the skull must be removed in a cap-like fashion (a bone saw or plasma scalpel will do the job). the vertebrae have to be undamaged as the remote control wiring will connect there. The XD2F7 Remote-Control Drone chip is then inserted in area 79d of the brain tissue and a CNG3B0 impulse reviser chip is inserted in section 113R. A JR30 Visual Optics should then be placed over the eyeballs, under the lids.

Then the free ends of the respiration tubes are threaded through the facial cavities and down into the lungs. It is necessary to hand fire a couple of breath pulses to rinse the lungs of any fluid and then the diagnostic process may start. Diagnostics are fully automated and after a couple of minutes the drone should be fully operational, capable of both limited autnomous operation and fully remove master-slave operation.