As man expanded into space the Islamic religion only grew. The world of Tangiers-3 is predominately a muslim world, and they have a very strong presence on Helion Prime.


Muslims worship a god called Allah and once in every Muslims life they must take a pilgrimage (called Hajj) to New Mecca on Helion Prime, while on the pilgrimmage the Koran instructs pilgrims to refrain from sex, angry words, obsenities, and strictly prohibits the killing of game. The consumption of alcohol is not permitted, especially whilst on Hajj.

Known MuslimsEdit


  • In the original scripts for Pitch Black the islamic characters were said to be part of a newer religion called Chrislam, this seems to have been changed for the final film and subsequent projects, but the Chrislam religion still appearently exists as it is mentioned in the novelization of Pitch Black.

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